• The City of Linz in Upper Austria
      Cities and Culture in Austria

      Austria offers a wide range of cultural experiences. From theatre and glorious balls to ancient traditions and handcrafts - experience the diversity of Austrian culture.

    Top City Trips

    •                      / Graz

      Graz: A Foodie’s Paradise

      A foodie’s paradise, a relaxed city with a Mediterranean vibe, a cultural hot spot.
      Taste Austria’s Second City
    •                     Innsbruck Mariahilf

      Innsbruck: City + Mountains

      Innsbruck is the place to go if you want to combine your city trip with experiencing unspoilt Alpine nature.
      From city centre to mountaintop
    •                     Mirabell Gardens

      Salzburg: The City of Music

      A city of music and culture, but also of quiet moments in nature. This summer, it's your turn to decide which Salzburg you want to discover.
      Discover Mozart's City


    •                 View over imperial Vienna / Vienna, Austria

      Cities in Austria Cities in Austria

      Discover Austria's cities - stroll through Salzburg, explore Vienna, or combine your city trip with hiking or skiing in Innsbruck.

      Time for a city trip!
    •                 Vienna
    •                     Ambras Palace, Innsbruck / Innsbruck, Schloss Ambras


      Past and future meet in the heart of the Alps, where Innsbruck’s world-famous sights, which testify to the Tirol province’s great past, stand alongside post-modern international architecture to create a fascinating blend.
      Read more
    •                     Kapitelplatz, Salzburg


      Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is dominated by churches, castles, and palaces. Its picturesque old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
      Read more
    •                     Vienna


      Seek less. Find more.
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    Art & Architecture

    •                     W. A. Mozart portrait Historical Museum of Vienna

      Famous Austrians

      From Mozart to Freud, Austria's sons and daughters have left their mark across politics, art, science, and sport. Find out which famous personalities originate from or lived in Austria.
      Austria's most famous names
    •                     Haydn Portrait

      Music in Austria

      From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to The Sound of Music, Austria is a country of music.
      Feel the rhythm
    •                     Magnificent Melk Abbey in Lower Austria / Melk, Lower Austria

      Architecture in Austria

      To visit Austria is to experience brilliant architecture in dramatic landscapes. Learn more about Austrian architectural styles.
      Discover more
    •                     Albertina in Vienna

      Museums in Austria

      Austria offers some of the world's most important and stunning collections. In countless museums and galleries, you'll get to see everything from Old Masters to contemporary art.
      Visit Austria's great museums

    Seasonal Occasions & Traditions

    •                     cattle drive, Almabtrieb at lake Achensee

      Handcrafts and Traditions

      Discover Austria's wealth of traditions, from nearly forgotten handcrafts such as indigo printing to traditions like the yearly cattle drive.
      Austria's traditions
    •                     Vienna Christmas market

      Christmas Markets in Austria

      Glistening lights, seasonal treats: From the middle of November until the end of the year, Austria is the place to find romantic Christmas markets.
      See our most beautiful markets
    •                     Austria's cities offer a wide range of cultural experiences

      Austria's Top Events

      From classical concerts in Salzburg and Vienna to traditional festivals celebrating the cattle's "homecoming" in autumn, find a selection of Austria's top events here.
      To the events calendar
    •                     Winter magic

      The 5 Most Beautiful Places to Get Married in Austria

      From Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel to Sound of Music filming locations, these are Austria’s most beautiful and unusual wedding locations.
      Find your wedding inspo
    •                     Concordia Ball in Vienna / Vienna

      Ball Season in Austria

      Austria's ball season is sometimes called the "fifth season." In a country that knows how to enjoy life with all senses, these events take on a magical character.
      Read more
    •                     Cattle drive in Wildschönau

      Cattle procession "Almabtrieb"

      The cattle procession "Almabtrieb" is an annual event in the Alpine region of Austria. Come end of August / September cattle that usually spends the summer up in the Alps is being escorted down into the valley. The most beautiful part however are the colourful decorations of the cattle. This processions ends with festivities in town - great events that are not to be missed.
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    Editor's Tips

    •                     Pas de Deux at the Spanish Riding School

      On the Trail of the Habsburgs

      These places, from Vienna to Innsbruck, are steeped in tradition and regal elegance. Get a fascinating insight into Imperial Austria.
      Read more
    •                     Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg / Salzburg

      Austria's Quirkiest City Tours

      Sightseeing does not have to be all about following the guidebook in Austria's cities. Those looking for something a little bit different are sure to find out on one of these less conventional tours...
      Cities from a different perspective
    •                     View to Schönbrunn Palace and the Gloriette

      Austria’s Top Sights

      From Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace to Mozart’s birthplace in Salzburg, these are the top 10 attractions you should visit in Austria.
      Your Austria bucket list
    •                     Visit Vienna's Art History Museum / Vienna

      6 Must-Visit Art Museums in Austria

      From old masters to contemporary art, Austria’s art museums are amongst the best in all of Europe.
      Visit these museums

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