• forest around lake Egelsee

    Wellbeing & Relaxation in Austria's Nature

    Spending time in nature allows us to find levity and new perspectives effortlessly. Forests, meadows, lakes, and rolling hills have a magical effect on our souls. How amazing that Austria offers so many things that help restore our mental balance.

    Why We Need Nature, Now More Than Ever

    Sense the Respite

    It all started a long time ago, in the midst of wild, unrestrained nature – first in the steppe, then under trees, in caves, and later around the fire. Humans love nature, because our senses have developed there. Millennia of evolution surrounded by the elements have naturally calibrated us to feel at home in the forest. In today's world, appointments, offices, and our daily digital overdose may intervene, but our "green" imprint remains. And it's a good thing, too: It is why we breathe more easily when we see a crystal-clear lake; why we feel secure when smelling wood and strong when walking through the forest.

    Nature soothes our overwhelmed minds. From the healing effect of waterfalls and trees to the beauty of cultural landscapes, mountains, and waters, Austria is filled with natural gems – alive, sensual, and relaxing all at once.

    rowboat at lake (Vorderer Gosausee)
    •                 in the forest
    •                     Krimml Waterfalls / Krimml Waterfalls

      The Krimml Waterfalls’ Health Secret

      Austria’s highest waterfalls can boost your respiratory health: Learn more about the Krimml Waterfalls' special aerosols.
      How to breathe freely
    •                     thermal spa Aqua Dome in Längenfeld

      Why Spas and Thermal Baths Are So Good for Us

      They strengthen our immune system or relax us through and through. Find out why spas can be a veritable fountain of youth.
      Dive in
    •                     Mönchsberg Salzburg

      A Peaceful Walk on Salzburg’s City Mountain

      The path from the banks of the Salzach that leads through the city centre and up the Mönchsberg is as unspectacular as it is wonderful. Above the rooftops of the Old Town, you find yourself surrounded by silence.
      To the Mönchsberg circuit
    •                     Mountain Yoga Festival at the Arlberg

      Mountain Yoga Festival in St. Anton am Arlberg

      9 - 12 September 2021: Calm your mind - calm your life
      Read more
    •                     Pharmacist Dr. Angelika Riffel

      365 Days of Forest Pharmacy

      The forest and its flora offer a multitude of wonderful herbal remedies. Learn more about the healing properties of different herbs.
      To the forest pharmacy
    •                     Hagebutte

      Five Lung Health Boosters from the Forest

      Forest herbs for lung health: We take a closer look at lungwort, cowslip, and wild thyme.
      Learn more about these natural medicines
    •                     Monastery Pernegg in springtime in lower austria

      The Strength of Silence: Holidays at Pernegg Abbey

      Silence allows us to reflect, to lose ourselves completely, and return to what really matters. Pernegg Abbey is a place where you can slow down.
      To the silence of the abbey
    •                     Volksgarten

      Precious Resource From the Mountains: Viennese Spring Water

      As the "land of water", Austria and its high-quality drinking water in particular call the tune amongst the Alpine countries. Vienna’s drinking water is even famous.
      Viennese water
    •                     children swimming in lake Weissensee

      When It Flows, Warms, and Cools: Water Applications to Bathe Yourself to Good Health

      Water, bestowed by the creator of man, and plants selected from the plant kingdom form the essential elements needed to cure diseases and make the body healthy." Sebastian Kneipp’s hydrotherapy is the basis for water applications across the wellness sector.
      How water can help
    •                     Inside the Airship, Museumsquartier Vienna / Vienna

      Fresh Air for Hot Cities

      Summers are becoming hotter, prompting initiatives such as those by the "Breathe Earth Collective" to bring a breath of fresh air to the cities.
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    •                     swimming fun on the Old Danube

      Vienna’s Loveliest Sunny Spots

      Vienna’s sunny spots are as diverse as the city itself. But why is the sun so good for us? And where can we soak up the most rays?
      For sun worshipers
    •                     Ayurveda Resort MANDIRA, Yoga Terrace Stargate

      The Best Places to Stargaze

      Picnic under the stars, star gardens, star huts. Be bedazzled by the night sky at these places where stargazing becomes a true experience.
      To the stars!
    •                 Bivouac under the stars
    •                 Boating at the Lake Zell

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